I had this conversation with my ex the other day and we were talking about preferences. He said to me “The more exposed you are to a variety of things, the more you are able to know your preference, because preferences is about comparison.”

When you have had something even…

pottery of the female body, on the way to the klin

*Asexuals are not a monolith community. This is just my experience and does not represent all of the asexuals in the community.*

The definition of Asexual is a sexual orientation defined by a lack of sexual attraction.

Asexual people do not have an innate desire to have sex with anyone…

Names and nicknames are what you are known for. They say names are the only thing that you own that others use more than you. So choosing a name is really important. It is the first thing that anyone knows of you most of the time. …

Sherleen Meilikha

A learning writer and essayist, just trying to express my opinions and ideas

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